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International students of our University participated in the cooking experience class


International Office of our University organized twenty international students to take part in the Chinese food cooking experience class undertook by the international communication center of Beijing on April 11th . This experience class is one of a series of the big classes activities implemented by the Beijing Education Committee in order to enrich cultural life of international students in colleges and universities of Beijing, to enhance the international students’ understanding and enthusiasm of Chinese cultural and international friendship.

And this time, students learned how to cook kung po chicken with peanuts and spicy and hot bean curd. The chef of the 21st century restaurant gave the lessons. His rich experience and adept cooking skills were highly praised by all the attended students. International students in our college were in high sprits and took down the notes carefully. So they cannot help cooking personally with great interests under the guidance of the teacher. All of them worked together and each one was charged with specific responsibilities, some washed and cut vegetables while others made juice. Everyone were talking and laughing and the atmosphere was very lively. Soon these two dishes were finished and they obtained the teachers’ favorable comments. All said that this kind of activity was very meaningful, which not only made them know about the procedure of cooking Chinese dishes, but also further understood the cooking culture. After class, all students took photos with teachers and kept them for souvenir.