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Campus mobile phone signal for an overall improvement


During the summer vacation in 2014, shall be the responsibility of the logistics group, the mobile construction of Beijing branch, has been established in the fifth teaching building and the second teaching building outdoor macro cellular base station signal, and in the underground garage, staff canteen and other signal is not easy to building blind area covered by adding micro cellular signal equipment inside the building. At present, the station outdoor formally put into use, some indoor facilities were in the final debugging. With the completion of the work, and fully improve mobile phone signal on campus. Information engineering college and mobile cooperation communications laboratories founded in the fifth teaching building of Beijing branch, for the students in our school provides a practical teaching base.

In recent years, with the increasing of the high-rise buildings in our school, the school phone, signal blind area more inconvenience to the teachers' and students' daily life. School leadership attaches great importance to this, the logistics group to actively communicate with China mobile, unicom, telecom operators, and invite communications professional teachers served as technical adviser, ultimately determine the teachers and students in our school campus mobile phone usage is the biggest China mobile signal solution. The work for the school office, student office, logistics assets management, member support and information engineering institute.