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The Opening Ceremony For 2014 Fall Semester Overseas Students


On the afternoon of 18th September 18, the opening ceremony in 2014 fall semester overseas students held a grand hall in our school, vice President of zheng-xi li attended and give a speech. Deans of economic management, architectural engineering, vice President of the institute of information engineering, international cooperation and exchanges in Xiong Jia and 2014 fall semester students all the new students a total of more than 150 people attended the opening ceremony.

Zheng-xi li, vice President on behalf of the school for foreign students in the new school, a warm welcome, and to introduce students to the development history of our school, discipline superiority, learning, living environment, scholarships, as well as the achievements of foreign students’ education. He encouraged students to overcome difficulties, as soon as possible into their school life, trying to learn Chinese and professional courses, and I hope you understand the Chinese culture, and Chinese students and students from different countries communication, constantly improve the ability to cross-cultural communication, for economic trade and cultural exchanges between countries in the future to make their due contribution.

Zhang Yingwei teachers' representative, student representatives Fang Xu, gave speeches respectively, assistant commissioner of the international cooperation and exchanges in xu beauty around preaching were conducted for the relevant laws, regulations and safety knowledge.

Our school students education has developed rapidly in recent years, has been a steady rise in number of foreign students year after year. 2014 fall semester recruit new long-term foreign students 145 people, at present there are from South Korea, Japan, Mongolia, the United States, Germany, Russia, France, Spain, 41 countries, such as kazakhstan, venezuela, Rwanda's 337 international students in our university study, 239 of them accept degree education.