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The Delegations of New Zealand's National Institute Of Technology Sign Exchange Program With Our School


On the morning of 5th September, Unitec New Zealand national institute of building environment and technology, dean of the school of David nano, dean Jude Lydia visit our school. Our university, deputy party secretary Shen Zhili, international cooperation and exchanges in Xiong Jia, Tang Yingjuan teacher, party secretary of the construction engineering college jadoon took part in the communication. Mahindra, deputy director of the architectural engineering college of architecture and landscape architecture professional master teach all Unitec with New Zealand national institute of technology, the guest has carried on the discussion, the two sides had communication, teaching and scientific research cooperation reached a joint teaching student visits, cooperation intention, and preliminarily determined by Unitec New Zealand national institute selected teachers and students to visit our school in March next year, and the joint design and landscape architecture students. David dean nanometer line also visited the architecture laboratory teaching achievements and civil system structure.

Unitec New Zealand's national institute of technology (MIT) is a New Zealand famous comprehensive university, is currently a student exchange program with our school. This spring, the landscape architecture specialty construction engineering college undergraduate course grade three students in Fu Fan and Yang Xin under the guidance of the teacher and the school teachers and students through the way of online teaching, to the south of Auckland Otara lake landscape architecture planning and design, design result is well received by the New Zealand environment minister ms Amy Adams.