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Electronics and Information Engineering

Teaching language English
Degree Bachelor’s degree
Duration 4 years
Start date September, 2017
Tuition fee RMB29600Y
Application fee 400 (RMB) / 70 (USD) Waive application fee, Why?

Study duration for this major is 4 years, applicants must be at the age between 18-30, and have attained a senior high school diploma or equvilent, owing healthy health body condition. Electronic information engineering is the application of electronic technology for electronic information control and information processing disciplines, set modern electronic technology, information technology and communication technology and other high-tech in one, can engage in various types of electronic equipment and communication systems research and development, design and manufacturing and application And so on. Graduates are mainly focused on telecom operators, communications equipment manufacturing enterprises and Internet companies, such as: aerospace, electricity, energy, banking, customs, radio and television industries and high-tech enterprises.